The Strike Shop

The Strike Shop has tons of experience and a Hall of Fame Resume.  Gary & Leanne Hulsenberg joined our team 3 years ago and have brought years of experience, an unmatched attention to detail and great customer service to our customers.  


Take a look at the team at The Strike Shop and what they bring to the table.


Leanne Barrette Hulsenberg - Leanne has racked up 28 Professional Titles including the US Open and the Queens.  In 2008, she ws inducted into the USBC Hall of Fame and just this past summer she added a Gold Medal at the Pan-American Games in Las Vegas, NV.  Leanne still competes, but most days you will find her right here at Steve Cook's Fireside Lanes taking care of our Youth Program, giving lessons or just hanging out in The Strike Shop.


Gary Hulsenberg - Gary is a PBA Regional Champion and a former Ebonite District Manager.  He has been involved in the bowling industry for over 20 years, much of that time spent helping other pro shops run a better business.  He has seen bowling balls evolve from Plastic to Urethane to the modern balls with Reactive Coverstocks and big weight blocks. 


Caleb Nakata - Don't let this quiet 21 year old fool you, he has a wealth of knowledge and his drilling techniques have built him an impressive list a clients.  He has drilled balls for Local, National and PBA Hall of Famers and is member of the PBA.  In fact, right now he is leading the season points race for the Western Region PBA Rookie of Year!  Caleb has over 5 years of drilling experience and knows modern bowling equipment like the back of his hand.  Stop by and pick his brain, he is happy to help and share.


Nick Duplan & Amber Vega - The Strike Shop's newest members are Nick and Amber, two college students with a passion for bowling.  Both are very accomplished bowlers already and now help out in the pro shop.  While neither one drills equipment yet, both are very knowledgable on the new equipment and oil patterns.  Stop by and let them help you clean, sand or polish your bowling ball today, they are happy to help.